Comparing the three Layups

TR: Standard Layup

The basis of the layup is fibreglass, which is additionally reinforced in some places. The last layer inside the kayak is diolen, which gives additional robustness and is also very comfortable in contact with the skin.

RH: Rockhopper Layup

The bottom of this version is designed for extreme use and is almost indestructible. This is made possible by a sandwich construction in which a honeycomb core is layered on both sides with Kevlar and biaxial fibreglass mats. Stiffness is provided by a 30 cm wide strip of carbon running lengthwise across the lower hull. A vinyl ester resin is used here, which is much tougher, more resistant and impact-resistant than polyester resins due to its structure. The layup also saves weight. The kayak (Beaufort) weighs around 700 g less than the TR Layup.

CL: Carbon Light Layup

Deck and lower hull are a carbon sandwich construction. Carbon and biaxial glass fibre enclose the honeycomb core on both sides. The result is light and stiff.