Shipping of ordered kayaks in

the Safety Box

We ship kayaks, surf skis and hardboards throughout Europe by freight forwarding. The most important prerequisite for safe transport is very good packaging. That's why we have developed a system that protects your kayak well and enables the suppliers to handle it safely: the Safety Box.

Your ordered kayak will first be well padded. It is wrapped in special and very robust bubble wrap. It is completely wrapped and gets a second skin:

Inside the cardboard box, it will stand on foam padding that absorbs impacts caused by setting down and pushing the cardboard. In the middle of the kayak, the bubble wrap is additionally reinforced by cardboard:

The front and rear keel are reinforced with cardboard so that the kayak is protected in this area when touching down:

Then the cardboard box is placed centrally around the kayak. The double-wall corrugated cardboard is extra strong and 7 millimetres thick. Thanks to its pre-folding, it can still be neatly edged and processed. The front and back of the kayak are additionally protected with cardboard. Finally, two lashing straps secure the cardboard. Thanks to these straps, it is also possible to carry and move the package safely.

In coordination with our local forwarding agent, the parcel is then collected and taken to the distribution centre for further dispatch.

So far, we have always received very good feedback on this system, from the driver of our local forwarding agent to the customers, of course, who can take delivery of their kayak a few days after collection!

Packing a kayak takes about an hour. The cost of packing materials is around 15 euros, and we recycle materials as often as possible. This service is included because we want your kayak to arrive safely and in tip-top condition!

Shipping costs for Europe-wide shipping of your kayak

We will be happy to give you the current costs for shipping your kayak. We need your address and the model you are interested in: