Custom SKIM

Configure your dream kayak according to your wishes: SKIM kayaks can be customised according to your ideas: All colours according to RAL, individual layup or tripartite.

Colour configuration

All colours of the RAL colour palette are possible. The following areas of the kayak can be configured in different colours:

> Deck paint

> Deck stripes and coaming (same colour)

> Underside

> Side stripe

> Keel stripe (optional)

For each individual colour configuration we supply a visualisation based on the RAL colours. The visualisation corresponds to the graphic above. The creation of this graphic is a free service, the implementation in production costs 240,- € extra.

Module kayak

Every SKIM model can optionally be delivered as a three-part kayak for easy transport. In this case, the kayak is first completely assembled and then divided again in the area of the bulkheads. SKIM attaches particular importance to clean workmanship and an exceptionally firm connection without play. The bulkheads are reinforced and contoured to distribute the forces acting on them. The screw connections with the corrosion-free stainless steel screws are easy and quick to make. The connection is reinforced with a secure fit using the profiles. The result is a connection without play, the kayak can be paddled "as if in one piece" after assembly.

Pictures of production from the Kokkola factory:

The extra charge for making a three-piece sea kayak is €1,695. Each model can be delivered split in the Traditional Layup.

Example for inspiration:

Your Custom SKIM

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